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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Destructors in C# (.NET)

Unlike constructors, destructors are sparsely used in C# programs. This is because .NET Framework does an excellent job of memory management using garbage collection. However, it there are too many unmanaged resources in the application, they can be used as follows

class ClsTea : IRetail



private string _locale;

private static string _brand;

// Class Destructor

~ ClsTea()


Console.WriteLine("Destructor Called");

// Code to release objects


// Class Default Constructor

public ClsTea()


Console.WriteLine("Constructor Called");

_brand = "N/A";


  • A class can only have one destructor.
  • Destructors cannot be inherited or overloaded.
  • Destructors cannot be called. They are invoked automatically.
  • A destructor does not take modifiers or have parameters.

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