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Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to remove the Word from memory using C#

How to delete the leftover Word object using C#.

Closing Word Runtimes not removed by Word.Quit / Application.Quit

When Word crashes, it often takes with it the open documents. These documents will be write-locked and will appear as read-only to subsequent users. There are umpteen no. of reasons to crash a Word document and leave the ‘Winword.exe’ running in the memory. The following VB.NET code will remove the unused Word objects from memory.

Public Sub KillUnusedWordProcess()

Dim oXlProcess As Process() = Process.GetProcessesByName("Winword")

For Each oXLP As Process In oXlProcess

If Len(oXLP.MainWindowTitle) = 0 Then


End If


End Sub

We have not tested the code in real-time. Our assumption was that any Word instance opened by user has a Window Title and programs using Word have been terminated. Check if the code is of any use and post the updations / suggestions to our ‘dud’ buddiesJ

automation does not close Microsoft Word, Application.Quit not closing Word

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