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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Convert String to Long using C#

Int64..::.Parse Method converts the string representation of a number to its 64-bit signed integer equivalent. This can be used to convert the string to long as shown below

public long Convert2Long(String Str1)




long LngString = Int64.Parse(Str1);

return LngString;


catch (System.FormatException)


Console.WriteLine("Parameter is not in required format");

return -1;



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  1. Hi;

    Your functions is only convert integer no. if i write
    1.20 it return -1
    or 0.02 it return -1


  2. Hi,
    Your function can only convert integers,

    i tried to convert 1.2 an 0.02, both gave me result -1.

  3. What do you two think, what a function wich converts to Long is doing? converting floats an doubles?

  4. Int64 is a 64-bit Integer or Long. If you want to convert a double, you need to use Double.Parse().