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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to Create Classes in C#

C# Class Examples

A class can be created using the class keyword. A class can contain properties, variables, constants, events, methods, constructors, structs etc.

class ClsTea



private string _locale;

private static string _brand;

// Property

public static string Brand




return _brand;




_brand = value;




public string Locale


get { return _locale; }

set { _locale = value; }


private string[] brands = new string[12];

public string this[int index]


get { return brands[index]; }

set { brands[index] = value; }



A class can inherit implementation from one base class only. For example, ClsTea can Inherit from Class Beverages

class ClsTea : Beverages

A class can, however, implement more than one interface




class ClsTea { }


class ClsTea : Beverages { }

None, implements two interfaces

class ClsTea: IProduct, IRetail { }

Single, implements one interface

class ClsTea : Beverages, IRetail { }

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