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Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to create Rhyming Beeps in C#

How to compose a tune using C#

Beep method is a simple instrument to create some wonderful tunes. I love music, but haven’t practiced or played. Hence I will stop posting the overloaded Beep function that can be ‘tuned’ for your use

Overloaded Console.Beep method takes two arguments

Console.Beep(int32 frequency, int32 duration)

Here is a way to do it

private static void RhymingBeeps()


int duration = 1000;

for (int i = 1500; i <= 2000; i = i +50)


Console.Beep(i, duration);

duration = duration / 2;

if (duration <>


duration = 1000;




Agreed! It is not that Rhyming. But post you are welcomed to post the rhyming ones here

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1 comment:

  1. I think a BuuGoo bird songs like this:

    Console.Beep(2000, 150)
    Console.Beep(2000, 150)
    Console.Beep(2000, 150)
    Console.Beep(1500, 300)