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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

VB.NET How to Resize the form along with Controls

Windows Form - Resize Controls Dynamically using VB.NET

There would be many occasions you would have come across the need to resize the form to fit some controls/text etc. In the following example we use the combination of LinkLabel and Panel Control to achieve that

Here is the sample form

This is how it needs to be expanded to accomodate the additonal information

I have used a '+/-' hyperlink (LinkLabel Control) to resize the form. (For more info on Link Label : Hyperlink Control in Windows Forms (VB.NET) Application). You can use >> or << etc to be more clear

The controls for Year Founded and Financial Performance are enclosed in a Panel

Add the following code to the LinkClicked event of the LinkLabel

If Panel1.Height = 0 Then
            Panel1.Height = 110
            Me.Height = Me.Height + 110
            Panel1.Height = 0
            Me.Height = Me.Height - 110

        End If

The form gets re-sized on clicking the hyperlink (it actually toggles)

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