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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Accessors and mutators in C#

Accessors and mutators do the job of retrieving and storing the data to a class member. The class member will be usually private and hence cannot be accessed directly by the object.

The following code provides a hint of the same

public enum playerType { ClassA, ClassB, ClassC, Contract }
private playerType _PlayerType;
string Name;
string Age;
string Phone;


#region properties
public playerType PlayerType
get { return _PlayerType; }

_PlayerType = value;


Here _PlayerType is declared as private. This can be however accessed in the main program as shown below:

ClassTeam CT = new ClassTeam();
CT.PlayerType = ClassTeam.playerType.Contract; //Calls the Mutator
MessageBox.Show(CT.PlayerType.ToString()); // Calls the Accessor

The statement CT.PlayerType = ClassTeam.playerType.Contract; Calls the Mutator (set property) and sets the value and CT.PlayerType.ToString() uses Get property and retrieves the value Digg Technorati Delicious StumbleUpon Reddit BlinkList Furl Mixx Facebook Google Bookmark Yahoo
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