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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Output Parameters in C# (.NET)

An output parameter is declared with the out modifier.

private static void ParamExample(double radius, out double Area, out double Perimeter)


const double pi = 22/7;

Area = pi * radius * radius;

Perimeter = 2 * pi * radius;


It is similar to a reference parameter except that the initial value of the caller-provided argument is unimportant.

double rad = 10.0;

double area;

double pm;

ParamExample(rad, out area, out pm);

Console.WriteLine("For a circle of radius {0} : Area is {1} and Perimeter is {2}", rad, area, pm);

output parameter in .NET

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  1. Thanks, this was exactly what I was after.

  2. Its good to know that C# Supports Multiple Inheritance,Multiple inheritance allows a class to take on functionality from multiple other classes.