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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Avoiding Temporary Strings in C# / Reduce Unnecessary Garbage Collection in C#

Appending strings to existing will produce garbage collection overhead for the program. Instead use Append method of StringBuilder class or Concat, Join methods of String class

The following code differentiates between both :

private void stringbuilder_example()


// Appending String - Garbage Collection - Immutable

string CompleteAddress = "";

CompleteAddress += "105, Annanagar ";

CompleteAddress += "Chennai ";

CompleteAddress += "Tamil Nadu ";


// Appending String - using String Builder

System.Text.StringBuilder CompleteAddress1 = new


CompleteAddress1.Append( "105, Annanagar ");

CompleteAddress1.Append( "Chennai ");

CompleteAddress1.Append( "Tamil Nadu ");

// Error Code


// corrected Code

MessageBox.Show(CompleteAddress1.ToString() );


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