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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Solution for Error Type 'IDeserializationCallback' is not defined.

This error occurs when the class implements IDeserializationCallback interface but the required import directives are not available

Public Class CVideoLibraryOrder

Implements IDeserializationCallback

Public VID As Integer

Solution : Use the following Imports statement at the beginning of the class/module

Imports System.Runtime.Serialization

Each source file can contain any number of Imports statements. These must follow any option declarations, such as the Option Strict statement, and they must precede any programming element declarations, such as Module or Class statements.

You can use Imports only at file level. This means the declaration context for importation must be a source file, and cannot be a namespace, class, structure, module, interface, procedure, or block.

Import aliases are useful when you need to use items with the same name that are declared in one or more namespaces.

Note that the Imports statement does not make elements from other projects and assemblies available to your project. Importing does not take the place of setting a reference. It only removes the need to qualify names that are already available to your project.

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