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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Regular Expressions in Dot Net (.NET)

Finding Duplicate Words in a String using .NET Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions (REGEX) does wonders in programming. Here is a simple Regex code that identifies duplicate words like 'the the', 'something something' etc. Probably copyeditors can use this code to do the work that Microsoft Spell check does

Sub Regex_Checker_Duplicate_Words()

Dim oRegex As Regex

Dim sPattern As String

Dim oMatches As Match

Dim sText As String

sText = " the the category catastropic cat cat and rat b b "

sPattern = "\b([a-zA-Z]+)\s+\1"

oRegex = New Regex(sPattern)

oMatches = oRegex.Match(sText, sPattern)

While oMatches.Success


oMatches = oMatches.NextMatch

End While

End Sub

Returns a new Match with the results for the next match, starting at the position at which the last match ended (at the character beyond the last matched character).

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Regular Expressions in Dot Net (.NET)

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