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Friday, September 16, 2011

How to Pass Multiple/Variable Parameters to a Function/Method in C#/.NET

C#/VB.NET Function with dynamic parameters / How to make a function accept infinite number of arguments

Normally a method has a definite number of parameters and they are passed from the calling method. What if you are not sure of the number of parameters or want to be flexible in that. A Simple example can be a Adding machine - which adds any numbers sent .

It is possible to achieve that with params keyword -

private void AddAsManyNumbersAsUCan(params int[] numbers)


int iTotal = 0;

foreach (int i1 in numbers)


iTotal += i1;


Console.WriteLine("Sum of {0} numbers added to {1}",numbers.Length ,iTotal);


The above method accepts any number of arguments (provided they are of the same type). The method can be called like:



Will give the following output

You can change the type of the parameter to a generic one - List etc to have a broader use 
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