Windows Phone Developers

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cannot find wrapper assembly for type library "Microsoft.Office.Core".

Cannot find wrapper assembly for type library "Microsoft.Office.Core".

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  1. I had this same problem. There were three things I had to fix to resolve it, and I'm not sure which one or combination of the three did the trick. For what it's worth, these are the problems I found that had to be corrected:

    1) In my Project References, I had Microsoft Office 12.0 Object Library listed, but in parenthesis it said something about not being able to resolve the reference. I deleted the reference.
    2) I had a copy of another source file that I had backed up. This copy had all the same function names as the original, thus causing name conflicts. I had to Exclude the copy from the project. The Microsoft.Office.Core problem seemed to mask reporting of this problem.
    3) I was still trying to call a function that I had commented out. For some reason the Microsoft.Office.Core problem was also masking this other problem. I had to comment out the extraneous call.

    I think #1 is the key, but this was such a mess for me that I was not a good scientist and changed more than one variable at a time. Hope this info helps.